Stokes Bay
Private Property
Open for Bookings
Coastal Farm
American River
Bay of Shoals
Open for Bookings
Antechamber Bay
Lashmar Conservation Park
Open for Bookings
Kingscote Tourist Park
Open for Bookings

Each of the listed Kangaroo Island campsites/areas have been selected as they allow you to book your choice of campsite ahead of time, from anywhere in the world! 

Simply book a site and email us their campsite confirmation.

We can also set up on private properties to if you own land on Kangaroo Island, or Know someone who does.

Things to Consider when choosing a Kangaroo Island campsite


 1ST DECEMBER 2021 - 30th APRIL 2022

There are some things you are not allowed to do during the fire danger season.

On total fire ban days, you are not allowed to light fires including some types of barbeques, all wood and solid fuel barbeques (Kettle type e.g 'Webber BBQ) are banned on total fire ban days. Gas or electric barbeques may be used on total fire ban days, but please check with the campsite first.

PLEASE NOTE: American River,  Browns Beach, Duck Lagoon, Emu Bay, Vivonne Bay, and Western River Cove campgrounds cannot be booked online or ahead of time.


Snake Lagoon, West Bay, and Harvey's Return campgrounds in the Flinders Chase National Park will incur an additional $50 transport fee if you choose to book one of their campsites when they re-open.